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Investment Management

Why Investment Management is Important

Investment management is the backbone of creating a sound financial future. A great deal goes into successful investment management—understanding what is going on in the market, ensuring you have high-quality investments, monitoring your portfolio and much more. Keeping track of all of this is truly a full-time job—but you can feel confident with Prevail at your side.

Our Investment Management Services

With our investment management services, your advisor will work with you to create a customized portfolio and monitor it to keep it in line with your goals.

How Investment Management Works

Investment management is defined as the handling of financial assets and investments, which includes buying, selling, monitoring and rebalancing. Both long-term and short-term strategies are created to guide investment decisions in order to meet the client’s short and long-term goals. There are four steps in our approach to investment management.  

One:  Conduct a financial goals meeting. As a client, your goals become the center of everything we do, including developing an investment strategy customized just for you. We will help you articulate your goals, assess your risk tolerance, and confirm your time horizon. This individualized approach will help to create your personal strategy. 

Two: Design a personalized investment portfolio. Once we have determined your financial goals and developed an investment strategy that is right for you, we will design your custom portfolio. Asset allocation is an important part of this process. It requires selecting a mix of asset classes that closely matches your financial profile in terms of your investment preferences and tolerance for risk. Different classes have varying cycles of performance; investing in multiple classes mitigates the impact of adverse movements in any one class, which should make overall returns more stable.

Three: Invest! After you and your advisor have agreed on a custom portfolio and the investment proposal, your advisor will implement your investment strategy by investing you in the market.

Four: Monitor and rebalance. About the only certainty of financial markets is that they will change—and so will your financial situation. That’s why Prevail’s strategy for asset allocation includes periodic reviews. Through market gains and losses, a portfolio can become unbalanced. Also, as you move through life’s stages, your needs, preferences, priorities, and risk tolerance change. Your asset allocation strategy must change along with them.