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The Client Experience

At Prevail, we provide a comprehensive experience for our clients. Our goal is to ensure you have easy access to your financial information, your service team, and the resources that will give you a better understanding of your finances. We do this using a variety of technologies, resources, and tools.

Prevail Client Portal

Our mobile-friendly Prevail Client Portal gives you access to all of the tools and data necessary for you to stay on top of your financial information—anytime, anywhere. Through this portal, you will have access to at-a-glance investment information, up-to-date financial reports, your service team’s contact information, and a powerful document vault.

The portal allows you to link all of your investment accounts in one place, providing a comprehensive view of your finances. You will also have access to a wide variety of financial reports, such as account performance and holdings, that will always be as up to date as the last market close. Our document vault allows you to view, download, print, and upload personal and financial documents, offering a secure way for you and your financial advisor to share documents. To learn more about the Prevail Client Portal, view our informational video here.

Prevail Pathway

Our newsletter, the Prevail Pathway, is released quarterly via email and the Prevail Client Portal. it contains market updates, relevant financial news, and updates about Prevail—all to help you digest and understand the current financial world a little better.

Online Scheduling

We make getting in touch with us easy! In addition to regular phone and email communication, you can set up meetings with your financial advisor through the online scheduling tool in the Prevail Client Portal. This tool has access to your service team’s calendars, allowing you to see their availability and find a time that works for you.

Comprehensive Resource Library

Financial education is powerful—it allows you to make smart decisions about your financial future. We provide a variety of educational videos and written resources that can answer those questions you have always had about finances, financial planning, and much more.